uBuntu – The humanity of Africa

We are frequently referred to as The Rainbow Nation. This is a tribute to the many ethnic groups who call South Africa home.

South Africa, where the threads of ubuntu, diversity and possibility are woven together by vibrant and dynamic people, places and cultures to form a cloth that is as colourful and beautiful as it is strong and resilient.

A cloth that, despite the ravages of historical, politcal and health challenges, still manages to remain vividly stimulating.

It is a cloth made to endure and ours to share with the rest of the world.

I think, therefore I am” is the philosophy of the West.

In Africa, our belief is based far more on a sense of community.

I am because I belong, because I participate, because I share.

When one is diminished , we are all diminished. When one succeeds, we all succeed. No person survives alone and we need one another to be fulfilled.

The word ”ubuntu” is an old African word meaning “humanity.” It is pronounced “oo-boon-too.”

uBuntu – Its Meaning :   “I am because you are.”

The word Ubuntu could be summed up in the words kindness and humanity!    It actually comes from the Nguni language spoken in southern Africa, relating to a Zulu concept, – “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” – which means that a person is only a person through their relationship to others. 

The concept of uBuntu has the potential to transform the world into one of better understanding and respect for every human being.  It’s about co-operaton, compassion, forgivemess, and a sense of togetherness.  

 If we ALL embraced a sense of ubuntu in our lives, there would be no poverty, no war, no violence. We would care for one another with understanding and compassion, realizing that we are all one….”I am because you are”.

There is an initiave  called the uBuntu Peace Project.

The aims of their website are summarised hereunder:-

To show how we each have the capacity to create peace in our own lives, and to attract anything else we want!      
To create a forum where we share ideas on initiating anything that leads to peace, harmony and fulfillment.     
To draw a body of like-minded people who focus their attention and actions on kindness, understanding and compassion.      
To provide links to organizations, books and websites that provide further guidance towards peace in our world.     
To bring awareness to the futility in “fighting against” what we dont want.  ”

Algoa Bay – Port Elizabeth

The Bay of Port Elizabeth is located on the south-eastern coast of Africa along the shores of Algoa Bay.

The city is fondly referred to as “The Friendly City” and tourists, who linger long enough to discover Port Elizabeth’s treasures, soon encounter the refreshing and sincere hospitality from which the city has earned its name.

Port Elizabeth is a superb value-for-money and family fun holiday destination, the city offers a diverse selection of attractions, scenic nature trails, historic heritage, magnificent wildlife, cultural experiences, countless water sport activities and 40km of breathtaking coastline and beaches.

The Bay is known as South Africa’s watersport capital and offers activity throughout the year, especially wind-surfing and fishing.

In fact, Algoa Bay is regarded as one of the best sailing venues in the world, while scuba diving is of world class quality with beautiful reefs, shipwrecks, fish and colourful coral species.

Port Elizabeth boasts a wonderful moderate climate all year round, and has been rated as having the fourth best weather in the world! Sea temperatures range from 16ÞC in winter to 23ÞC in summer. Summers are dry and warm with relatively low humidity, while winters are notably mild, with an all year round rainfall.

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Port Elizabeth Opera House

Port Elizabeth Opera House: Fostering a love of the performing arts.

The Opera House is the oldest theatre on the continent of Africa and the Southern Hemisphere.

This special piece of World History is right here in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province.

The P.E. Dramatic Society was formed in the 1840′s .

On 6 June 1860 land was granted to “P.E. Dramatic Amateurs” on condition a theatre was erected.

The Theatre remains active and locals and visitors are often able to visit the theatre for a grand performance.