South African Bank Notes

South Africans are proud of their banknotes: not only are they politically neutral, but they also give fair representation to all 11 official languages.  The design of the banknotes, issued by the South African Reserve Bank, drew inspiration from the wildlife of southern Africa, the main motifs across the series being the Big Five – a distinctly South African theme.  Highly regarded internationally as both beautiful and secure, the banknotes carry some of the world’s most advanced security features.

  • Main Motif: As a design feature, each note contains one of the Big Five, with a smaller grouping of the same animal to the left.  (Spotting the Big Five : Rhinoceros, elephant, lion, buffalo and leopard)
  • Watermark: A security feature, when held up to the light, the banknote reveals a shadow picture of the main motif and the denomination numeral.
  • Geometric Shape: An aid for the partially blind, each banknote contains a different geometric shape.
  • Diamond Shapes: A feature for the blind, each banknote contains diamond shapes in raised printing. 1 diamond equals R10; 2 diamonds equal R20; 3 diamonds equal R50; 4 diamonds equal R100; and 5 diamonds equal R200.
  • Intaglio Printing (raised printing): A security feature, the ink in the main and secondary motifs, the diamond shapes and the words “South African Reserve Bank” stand proud of the paper, giving the banknote a rough feel.

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Addo Elephant National Park

Deep within the shadows of the dense valley bushveld of the Sundays River region of the Eastern Cape lies the Addo Elephant National Park. Here, the evenings are punctuated by the strident howl of the black-backed jackal, and the francolin’s call heralds each new dawn. Safe from relentless persecution in the past, the grey leviathans of the bush now roam in peace.

The original Elephant section of the park was proclaimed in 1931, when only eleven elephants remained in the area – today this finely tuned ecosystem is sanctuary to over 450 elephants, Cape buffalo, black rhino, a variety of antelope species, as well as the unique flightless dung beetle, found almost exclusively in Addo. And their Addo has only just begun. with plans to expand the  164 000 ha Addo National Elephant Park into a 360 000 ha mega-park. In addition, plans include the proposed proclamation of a 120 000 ha (296 500 acre) marine reserve that includes islands that are home to the world’s largest breeding populations of Cape gannets and second largest breeding population of African penguins.
•The park conserves no less than five of South Africa’s seven biomes?
•Is also home to one of the densest African elephant populations on earth?
•It is home to the unique flightless dung beetle?
•Addo incorporates the largest coastal dune field in the southern hemisphere?
•The park boasts the Big Seven, (elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, leopard, southern right whale and great white shark)?
•It also protects the world’s largest Cape gannet breeding population on Bird Island.

Homeleigh Halt Guest House is a mere 50km from the park and if you do not feel like a self drive outing, we can arrange a tour with a highly qualified field guide for you.

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Sardine Run

Every year, between the months of May and July, many millions of silvery sardines travel north from the cold southern oceans off South Africa’s Cape Point, hugging the shore as they make their way up along the coastlines of the former Transkei (northern Eastern Cape) and KwaZulu-Natal in what is commonly known as the annual Sardine Run.
After experiencing the incredible Sardine Run, extend your stay and enjoy an african safari in a malaria free environment. The Eastern Cape boasts the most concentrated elephant reserve in Africa. Home to a herd of 300 elephants, the ‘Addo Elephant National Park’ allows close quarter viewing. There are also black rhino, buffalo, eland, Kudu and other antelope species. More than 170 species of birds have been identified. Shamwari, a privately owned, luxury game reserve boasts the “big five”. Whether at the exclusive Shamwari Game Reserve, the large Addo Elephant Park or the Mountain Zebra National Parks, the East Cape offers unequalled game viewing in conditions suited to the traveler.