Rugby – South Africa vs England 23 June 2012 – Port Elizabeth

International Rugby – South Africa v England

Date: 23 June 2012

Time: 16h00

Venue: Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

Lake View Road, North End, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Latitude: -33.937778 Longitude: 25.598889

Why Go

In the 32 previous tests these 2 nations have played, the Springboks have won 19 games and England 12 games, with 1 game drawn.

The largest winning margin for South Africa was 58-10 and the largest winning margin for England was 53-3.

We look forward to welcoming all rugby enthusiasts to Port Elizabeth.

Homeleigh Halt Guest House will be hosting a number of ardent rugby fans and we look forward to welcoming you as our guests.

For all the news and to keep up with your team be sure and add SA Rugby – Official Home of the Springboks website to your list of favourites!

Homeleigh Halt Guest House, ideally situated on Main Road in Walmer, is ideally situated for easy access to all areas of Port Elizabeth.

We offer you a choice of catered  (bed & breakfast) or self catered accommodation options.

Blue Flag flies on two Port Elizabeth beaches

Hobie Beach and Humewood Beach are our two Blue Flag beaches.

 Blue Flag gives local and foreign visitors the knowledge that their beaches are clean, environmentally sound and adhere to international safety and other tourist standards.

When South Africa joined the campaign in 2001 as the first country outside Europe to participate, Blue Flag began to grow into a truly international campaign.

The voluntary eco-label is given to beaches that meet 14 criteria spanning three aspects of coastal management: water quality, environmental education and information, and safety and services, which include excellent life-saving standards, top-rate parking and sparkling ablution facilities.

Local authorities report a number of spin-offs from being awarded Blue Flag status, including an increase in visitors, improved behaviour on the part of beach-goers, property prices rising for homes near Blue Flag beaches – and visitors enjoying a well cared-for and managed beach.

Affodable Accommodation: Homeleigh Halt Guest House, Bed & Breakfast style, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

“Be our Guest…………….”


We are pleased to announce the opening of two backpacker units which can accommodate a maximum of  6 people each.

These comfortable, spacious open plan accommodation units will delight any backpacker, irrespective of age.

Each unit has its own seperate entrance, satellite TV, basic self catering facilities and own bathroom.

Each has  braai facilities, so buy some wood and relax around the fire at the end of an interesting, wonderful day spent exploring all that Port Elizabeth and surrounding area has to offer.

With the aroma of sizzling steaks or boerewors permeating the air, what better way to round off an otherwise perfect day?

Come and experience the friendly city of Port Elizabeth.

Visit the second oldest suburb in South Africa, view architectural masterpieces, take a day trip “surf and turf” to spot the big 7!

Visit local artists.

Take short day trips to experience the highest bungee jump in the world – 216m of pure adrenalin or a 200m foofie slide.

Backpackers at Homeleigh Halt Guest House, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Province, South Africa

PayPal arrives in South Africa

South Africans can now finally offer this simple and easy to use payment option.

Currently our currency ( South African ZAR) is not one of the listed currencies, however, payments required will be quoted in USD.

PayPal offers online users a secure service through which to engage in online transactions, allowing users to send and receive funds from other users in any participant PayPal country.

According to PayPal the platform offers a “safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.”

Homeleigh Halt Guest House has a PayPal account so our international visitors can safely and securely pay for their accommodation.

Bed & Breakfast at Homeleigh Halt Guest House in Port Elizabeth.

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika

The South Africa National anthem pulls together two anthems, five languages – and over 47 million people.

Enoch Sontonga (1873-1905) is the composer of Nkosi SikeleliAfrica (God Bless Africa), which has been part of the South African national anthem since 1994. He was born in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape.

It was also the official African National Congress (ANC) anthem and is still the national anthem of Tanzania and Zambia.


Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika
Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo,
Yizwa imithandazo yethu,
Nkosi sikelela, thina lusapho lwayo.

Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso,
O fedise dintwa la matshwenyeho,
O se boloke, O se boloke setjhaba sa heso,
Setjhaba sa South Afrika – South Africa.

Uit die blou van onse hemel,
Uit die diepte van ons see,
Oor ons ewige gebergtes,
Waar die kranse antwoord gee.

Sounds the call to come together,
And united we shall stand,
Let us live and strive for freedom,
In South Africa our land.

Accommodation Port Elizabeth South Africa at Homeleigh Halt Guest House

South African Bank Notes

South Africans are proud of their banknotes: not only are they politically neutral, but they also give fair representation to all 11 official languages.  The design of the banknotes, issued by the South African Reserve Bank, drew inspiration from the wildlife of southern Africa, the main motifs across the series being the Big Five – a distinctly South African theme.  Highly regarded internationally as both beautiful and secure, the banknotes carry some of the world’s most advanced security features.

  • Main Motif: As a design feature, each note contains one of the Big Five, with a smaller grouping of the same animal to the left.  (Spotting the Big Five : Rhinoceros, elephant, lion, buffalo and leopard)
  • Watermark: A security feature, when held up to the light, the banknote reveals a shadow picture of the main motif and the denomination numeral.
  • Geometric Shape: An aid for the partially blind, each banknote contains a different geometric shape.
  • Diamond Shapes: A feature for the blind, each banknote contains diamond shapes in raised printing. 1 diamond equals R10; 2 diamonds equal R20; 3 diamonds equal R50; 4 diamonds equal R100; and 5 diamonds equal R200.
  • Intaglio Printing (raised printing): A security feature, the ink in the main and secondary motifs, the diamond shapes and the words “South African Reserve Bank” stand proud of the paper, giving the banknote a rough feel.

Accommodation: Bed & Breakfast, Port Elizabeth, South Africa: Homeleigh Halt Guest House

Korea Republic to play practice match in Nelson Mandela Bay – 14 January 2010

The Korea Republic National Team is set to play a practice match against Bay United at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Thursday, 14 January 2010.

The practice match, scheduled to start at 11:00 forms part of the Korea Republic’s Training camp in South Africa which will also see them playing against Zambia at the Rand Stadium on Saturday 9 January 2010 and against Platinum Stars at the Royal Bofokeng Stadium on Tuesday,12 January 2010.
Having qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Korea Republic is using this training camp as an opportunity to get acquainted with local conditions ahead of the World Cup kick-off. As one of the teams drawn to play at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, this will also put them in good stead come the World Cup.
The team will land at our Airport on Wednesday, 13 January 2010 at 14:30.

Football/soccer lovers in general (Bay United Fans!) are encouraged to go to the Airport and welcome our visitors. Supporters are also encouraged to write friendly welcoming messages on placards and posters for the Koreans.

Korean Greetings:

Korean Welcome



Entrance to the match is free and  soccer lovers from all over the Bay are encouraged to bring their flags and vuvuzelas to the stadium to create a jovial and festive atmosphere.
Schools can also make arrangements for their soccer teams to go watch the game.
VIVA 2010!

KOREAN GREETINGS – meeting personally
Initial Meetings

When being introduced to a Korean person for the first time, it is custom to shake their hand and bow at the same time. The right hand is always used to shake with, while the left hand either helps the right hand or touches the right arm near the elbow. Instead of pumping the hand of the person one is meeting, most just clasp hands momentarily while bowing slightly at the waist.

Verbal greeting while this is being done: An-yung-ha-say-oh (literally “It goes peacefully”).

Among Koreans, it is very important that the left hand help in the hand shake by touching the right hand or the elbow. Using two hands when shaking hands, giving a glass of water or receiving something from another person shows respect. But don’t worry if you forget about doing this…Koreans understand that foreigners are not familiar with this concept.

Meeting People
Nice to meet you = BAN-GAP SUP-NEE-DA
You’re welcome : gwaench’ansumnida
My name is : che irumun imnida
I come from : ch’onun e so watsumnida
I want to get off here : yogiyae naeryojuseyo
I want to go to : e kago shipsumnida
Take me to my hotel : hotel-lo gap-see-da
May I see the room?: pang’ul polsu issoyo?
Do you have anything cheaper?: tossan kot sun opsumnigga?
Please give me my key: yolse jom juseyo
Where is the bathroom : byun-soh uh-dee-yip-nee-ga
Restaurant: shikdang
I’m vegetarian: ch’aeshik juwi imnida
The menu, please: menyurul poyo juseyo
The bill please: kyesanso juseyo
In a shop
How much does it cost?: olmayeyo?
That’s too expensive: nomu pissayo
Can I have a discount?: chim ssage juseyo

Some handy Korean Phrases to cut out and keep.

Korean phrases 2

Ironman 2010 – Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay)

Where:  Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay)
 When:  25 April 2010 - 07:00 am to 12:00 am 

Accommodation: Homeleigh Halt – Walmer, Port Elizbeth

Adrenaline, testosterone, steely willpower and entertainment merge for a gutsy duo of show and sport. The Sunshine Coast is getting amped for the IRONMAN South Africa April 2010!

The gruelling challenge involves a 3,8km swim, 180km cycle race and a 42.2km run.

 Athletes from around the globe and South Africa will be descending on Port Elizabeth to find out if they have what it takes.

The swim will be a rectangular 1.9 km route in the sea, which will be repeated twice. Sea conditions are excellent as the course is situated in a bay. Sea temperatures range between 17 to 25 degrees Celsius for this time of the year. The route will be a double lap off Hobie Beach in an anti-clockwise direction. The cut-off time for the swim is 09:20am

From Hobie Beach, you cycle along the coast for 3km towards the city. You will climb for 10km to reach the highest point of 183 meters above sea level, this is a gentle continuous climb. From here it is downhill to the 20km mark. Gentle rolling hills occur to the turn around point at 34km mark. It is then rolling hills all the way to the 40km mark where it is downhill to the coast. The route is then relatively flat along the coast back to transition at 60km. You need to complete the three loops on race day.

The run will be a three loop course of 14.07km along Marine Drive. The run route is a very fast flat route with no hills through the top gate of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and out through the bottom gate of the University and back towards transition.

The total cut-off time is 12:00am (midnight) – 17 hours after race start. Eish!

Have you entered the 2010 Ironman South Africa? Entries will remain open until the 31 January 2010 at midnight (SA Time).
Event website:  
Homeleigh Halt Guest House welcomes Ironman competitors.

South Africa – Useful Phrases


ENGLISH                               AFRIKAANS                                                
Good morning                    Goeie môre                    
Good afternoon                  Goeie middag                 
Good evening                     Goeie naand                          
Goodbye                               Totsiens                          
Thank you                             Dankie                              
Yes                                          Ja  
My name is…                     My naam is…
Where is the…                   Waar is die…?
nearest telephone?          naaste telefoon?
Where is…  ?                     Waar is… ?   
XHOSA PHRASES – One of the local languages

Hello – Molo
Hello (two people or more) – Molweni
How are you? – Uphila njani?
I am well Thank you! – Ndiphilile enkosi
Sorry – uxolo
Please – nceda
I don’t understand – andiqondi
I don’t know – andazi
I come from. – Ndivela
Do you speak English? – uyakwazi ukuthetha isiNgesi?
Yes – Ewe (eh-weh)
No – Hayi

Algoa Bay – Port Elizabeth

The Bay of Port Elizabeth is located on the south-eastern coast of Africa along the shores of Algoa Bay.

The city is fondly referred to as “The Friendly City” and tourists, who linger long enough to discover Port Elizabeth’s treasures, soon encounter the refreshing and sincere hospitality from which the city has earned its name.

Port Elizabeth is a superb value-for-money and family fun holiday destination, the city offers a diverse selection of attractions, scenic nature trails, historic heritage, magnificent wildlife, cultural experiences, countless water sport activities and 40km of breathtaking coastline and beaches.

The Bay is known as South Africa’s watersport capital and offers activity throughout the year, especially wind-surfing and fishing.

In fact, Algoa Bay is regarded as one of the best sailing venues in the world, while scuba diving is of world class quality with beautiful reefs, shipwrecks, fish and colourful coral species.

Port Elizabeth boasts a wonderful moderate climate all year round, and has been rated as having the fourth best weather in the world! Sea temperatures range from 16ÞC in winter to 23ÞC in summer. Summers are dry and warm with relatively low humidity, while winters are notably mild, with an all year round rainfall.

 Spoil yourself and enjoy a truly unique holiday experience in Port Elizabeth.

Homeleigh Halt offers you superb accommodation at an affordable price.

Feel free to contact us for any further information.